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[Blogging Execution Strategy] 5 Steps to Improve Every Blog Post you Publish

5 Step Blogging Execution Strategy

A simple Blogging Execution Strategy is easy to implement, saves time and will make every post you write better.


Your Blogging Execution Strategy is crucial once your Content Strategy and Editorial Calendar are set up.


This allows you to efficiently produce consistently great content that gets results.


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Blogging Execution Strategy Step #1: Idea’s


Capture your blogging ideas in one place. This is relatively simple and can help you find some blogging gold.


You can carry a small notebook around in your pocket or bag and simply note ideas as they come to you. If you choose this, you must bring it everywhere.


My preferred method is to set up a OneNote notebook in Microsoft OneDrive as this app is on my smartphone and you know I bring that everywhere!!


You can also use Evernote, either way simply set up a section called “Idea’s”.


Blogging Execution Strategy Step #2: Research


Once you have a list of blogging ideas you should then start a new section and label it “Research”.


Sometimes blogging requires no research, other times research and a link to a great statistic or study can really help form the written content and let the reader know this is a well thought out piece of content.


When you read an article online copy the text and a link to the Research page saved in your app.


If it is a physical piece of paper you are writing, then take a picture of it and save it to the research article.


Passive research is great, but it is recommended to schedule some time into your diary to complete proactive research on a given blog topic. Research is important but it is an easy task to hide behind and procrastinate with.


Be strict and set a limited amount of research to be completed.



Blogging Execution Strategy Step #3: Draft


Review your topics that have been researched and pick one. Add another section to your notebook called drafts and start writing!


Don’t worry about editing or writing too much bullshit, just write!


As a blogger sometimes typing can become a monotonous task and staring at a screen hard on the eyes.


If this is you, then try dictation. As we will edit later there is no need to be concerned with slight dictation mistakes. It is also often a lot quicker too for bloggers.


Your smartphone is a great device for dictation, using the iPhone and OneNote I get remarkably accurate dictation results!


Blogging Execution Strategy Step #4: Editing


This is an important step in blogging execution. The tendency is to make as your article as large as possible. This is not always the right idea, yes epic content is great but exaggerated content with fluff rather than great content isn’t!


Can you say the sentence in fewer words? Readers of blogs are looking to get the information as fast as possible. They respond to shorter sentences much better.


Also, introductions can be long and be meandering before they reach the point. Read the introductions and check how much of this can be cut. You will be very surprised.


You should also apply your blog article framework. If you don’t have one yet don’t worry.


Effectively you should have a process for creating a great headline, first line with a great hook and a conclusion with a clear call to action.


At the end of the editing stage, you will have a blog post that looks very polished and professional.


Blogging Execution Strategy Step #5: Proofreading


Not to be confused with editing, proofreading is just that. It should be treated as a separate exercise entirely.


You are looking to make sure that everything is spelled correctly, the article reads well and you’re not repeating yourself.


Grammarly is an excellent app that you can install for free on Google Chrome to help with this.

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