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7 Tips for Bloggers thinking about Vlogging!

Vlogging? That’s for celebrities and professional bloggers, I don’t have the technology to do it.

Not anymore! Anyone blogger can quickly become a vlogger for free using the phone in their pocket!

Vlogging is nothing new, it is just about to become remarkably easy to do! Some might argue that it already has.

We Vlogged everyday for 90+ days and learned some valuable lessons along the way.


1. Vlogging Holds You Accountable

When you add an update and state what you are going to do, your vlog keeps you accountable because you don’t want to let down your followers on your next update.

Ewa from Free Code Camp also found that Vlogging helped her to code more.

One of our Vlogs featuring Sinead from Sinead Social and Courtney from Modest Deposits.


2. A Shaky Camera is not cool

You can do a lot in post production editing, correcting a shakily recorded video isnt one of them.

If you can, put your camera (I use an iPhone 6s) in a holder or even just on a table! There is less chance of your viewers getting motion sickness and more chance of them finishing the video.


3. Lighting is Important

Good natural light can be a challenge in Ireland as it is often dull and cloudy, daylight hours are also very short during the winter. This means you may be forced to record indoors and you would asssume the light will be fine….that often isnt the case.

I would recommend using a strategically placed lamp or even investing in a ring light if you are going to get serious with your vlog.


4. You Get Better

Vlogging improves your ability to speak to get your point across in one take. At the start I found that I was recording something and making a mistake that would cause me to start again. It didn’t flow like a conversation.

After recording 90 vlogs, I became much more natural and recorded updates in one take!

You can see how natural Phil has become with the camera from Vlogging


5. You have Content

You might think that you have nothing to vlog about, but in reality your biggest challenge will be keeping your vlogs short!

Going to meetings, documenting travel, sharing thoughts on upcoming blog posts, answering questions asked on social media…the list goes on. Not to mention the events that will happen in your personal life that you may decide to share!

An update in a Dublin Coffee shop…with the distraction of Clampers!

6. Good Audio makes a difference

Investing in a microphone is a good move as quality audio makes a big difference! You can get a Rode Smart Lav lapelle microphone for 30EUR. Its relatively low cost and worth the investment if you plan to record on the go. It works very well when walking or in coffee shops to capture your voice clearly without the noisy background.


7. Edit on Youtube

It is now possible to make basic edits to video directly on YouTube. I did choose to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud Software for a monthly fee of around 30EUR but its not a requirement! Getting started you can use YouTube!

In Conclusion

The barriers to entry for Vlogging have become so low that you could start vlogging today if you wanted with your phone and the right process. Use the tips shared here and you can get off to a great start. If you have any questions on vlogging or are a blogger looking to get started leave a comment below!



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