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Both Paul Caffrey and Phil McGrath grew up in Dublin, Ireland and have been friends from an early age.


Single minded in approach, Phil knew from childhood what he wanted. At the tender age of 20 he had obtained his dream job! He then proceeded to start his family, buy a house and get a dog. But he was grossly unhappy.


Paul was a promising footballer and always did well in school. He lacked focus but went on to graduate from University with an honours degree in Science.


In 2008 the global recession combined with a banking crisis caused the Irish economy to crash. Phil had both his hours and pay cut, making it a real struggle to look after his family and Paul left Dublin for London to start his IT career.


Adjusting to life in London, Paul didn’t have the luxory of having all the sports channels that he did living at home which meant he didn’t get to watch as much football. Playing fantasy football was one of his hobbies and to his horror there was no website offering the tips he needed.


Paul started his first online business providing fantasy football tips.


After its first year Paul moved back to Dublin and Philip offered to bankroll the growing business. Paul declined the offer. Not one to miss out, Philip approached Paul about becoming a business partner and the adventure started.


Within 12 months Paul & Phil had taken their podcast from the kitchen table to number 1 in iTunes. The show was so successful that it was picked up by national radio and the lads started doing live radio too.


A membership site was launched along with an exclusive app that also reached number 1 in the App store.


It seemed that all was rosy in the garden, but in January 2012 the pressures of a full time job, family life, his upcoming wedding, the recession, a large mortgage, the website, membership site, podcast and App led to Philip hitting burnout…

Philip left the business. Paul with a full time job, studying for a master’s in business kept the business going.


After a difficult period, Paul & Phil held a meeting in June and evaluated their content creation strategy and for the first time started working on their business….instead of constantly working hard in it.



The next generation of their fantasy football business was to win contracts consulting and to produce content for other companies.


This massively increased their revenue and profits.


The next 12 months the pair produced 40 pieces of content per week (still with all of their commitments) maintaining no.1 spot in Google for themselves and their clients.


Over 40 podcasts were recorded in national radio studios along with regular live appearances on a national sports show.


Following 8 years of successful online bsiness Paul & Phil have nticed that there has been an explosion of “Experts & Gurus” saying how easy it is to make money online.


Invest a few thousand in courses and software and you are on the fast track to earning $10,000 per month.


Why Content Academy now?


Paul & Phil feel it is the right time to show people that online business isnt about magic software or fancy websites.


Real lasting online success is built on a foundation of hardwarok, consistency and great orginal content.


Yet nobody speaks about it this way.


Nobody is really talking about these core foundations because they are not easy, sexy or sellable.


Would you want to buy hard work? Because that’s what online business success is.


So this is why we launched Content Academy on the 1st of February 2016.


Content Academy shows people what it really takes to create a successful online business or even just a side hustle.


Since Content Academy launched its reception has been humbling. In less than 5 months the business has been nominated for the best Marketing & Communications blog by the Littlewoods Ireland Blog awards 2016.


This is just the beginning…


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