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[ Blogging Ideas ] 5 Tips to Always Create Content People Want

Bloggers who use facebook groups, forums, surveys, brainstorming and assess competitors content will always have blogging ideas.


If blogging ideas or a blinking cursor have ever been a problem, this blogging ideas post is a must read.


Blogging Ideas #1: Search Forums for Questions


Searching forums is a great way to find blogging ideas for content that will serve people.


Forums are great because the content is created by real people. This means you get a flavour of the questions and general conversation about a given topic.


Quora is an excellent community where real people ask questions and the best answers are ranked highest. It is a very active forum which is a bonus as some questions don’t get too many answers. This means that your content will have a better chance of ranking higher on google as it doesn’t have as much coverage. You can also link an answer to your newly created blog post that answers that question. This is a win-win because you will be helping people and also get some more direct traffic.


Please note that the answers are ranked so only provide a link to your blog post if it specifically answers the question, otherwise your answer will fall lower in the rankings and the link will be clicked less and less.


Note the language people used to ask questions, the simplicity or complexity of the questions being asked and the frequency of questions that appear.


Blogging Ideas #2: Check Competitors Best Posts


What are the most popular blogging ideas that your competitors blogging about?


Is important to understand what your competitors are blogging about within your niche


This can be a great way to get blogging ideas for your website.


Most blogs have “top five posts” or our “most popular blog posts” promoted in their sidebar.


Have you discussed these topics on your blog? Have you an alternative point of view or can you provide even more help to people?


There is no such thing as the perfect blog post so you can always improve upon what already exists and if you reference a competitors blog post, why not let them know and provide a link on your site. This will serve your community as a whole. It is also the first step to networking with key influencers within your niche. Look out for this topic coming soon.


*Remember* It is extremely important that you don’t simply plagiarize people within your niche.


How can you add to this topic? How can you improve what’s already out there? How can you go the extra mile?


Blogging Ideas #3: Conduct a Survey


Survey your audience for Blogging Ideas, it’s easier than you think!


In the December 2016, Content Academy carried out a survey of Irish bloggers.


This survey contains questions about the participants of the survey that you would expect such as their age, gender, experience and questions about their levels of success blogging.


It also asked questions about the challenges that bloggers were facing and what they wanted to learn about.


The topics of productivity and Instagram were the clear winners.


So completing the survey meant that numerous ideas about content relating to productivity and Instagram have been created on Content Academy including this #30MinBlogger series.


To carry out your own survey we recommend using Google forms,


Google forms is simple to use and allows you to give people tick box options for answers


This can then be shared with your email list, your Facebook group or even other Facebook groups that you participate in. Make sure you have the permission of the admins is of other Facebook groups to add the survey.


Blogging Ideas #4: Traditional Brainstorming


Never overlook brainstorming.


You can get a whiteboard, you can use post-it notes or even just an A4 pad.


At the center of your brainstorm have the general topic that your blog covers.


Then it’s simple, rack your brain for a defined period of time, say 15 minutes to half an hour but don’t let this become a regular procrastination exercise!


Now go!


Write down as many ideas for articles as you can. Don’t edit them, don’t organize…just keep writing ideas. More and more and more.


At the end of the brainstorming session, you will now have countless ideas that you can potentially go and blog about.


We recommend that these ideas get plugged into your blogging execution strategy which will then let you pick the best idea is to put through our five steps cycle of creating great blog content.


Blogging Ideas #5: Answer Questions Asked in Facebook Groups


The best content answers questions.


General questions in Facebook Groups are a great source of Blogging Ideas.


The question is important enough for someone to ask it in public with their identity next to it.


The blogging idea is effective because if one person has this challenge then more probably have the same challenge.


A blog post on the topic will help more people in the future.


If you find any of these tips useful please comment below and let us know!

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