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Top 5 Free Editing Tools For Bloggers

editing tools for bloggers

Right, so I know you don’t really want to do it, but you kinda have to.


However just because it has to be done doesn’t mean you have to do it manually or yourself.


I mean there’s nothing wrong with doing it to yourself but you’d probably prefer someone else to do it for you.


We’ve all seen that meme about getting comments on the website you know the one.


spelloing error


Yes, that’s right there is no faster way to get people to comment on your work done to make a mistake.


Nothing will bring the trolls out of the woodwork quicker than a typo or a grammatical error.


Now I must admit I don’t edit my work because I’m afraid of the trolls and all the grammar police, I edit my work as best I can because I’m trying to bring as much of value as I can to my audience and personally I find that when there are glaringly obvious mistakes in a piece of content it does kind of throw me off and make me wonder about the validity of some of the information within that piece of content.


“I mean how accurate can the information be if they couldn’t spot that mistake”


That said editing your own work is a tricky task, in fact, the brain will generally read what you thought you wrote rather than what you actually wrote because after all, you wrote it.


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A great piece of content is made in the editing suite, not in the writing suite.


So how do we avoid these mistakes?


Well ideally like I said at the top you would get someone else to edit your work for you but most bloggers are on their own, which means we have to edit our own work.


With that in mind here are some tools that will make your editing process a lot faster and a lot more reliable.

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Editing Tools for Bloggers




I’ve spoken about Grammarly before in the podcast and indeed on the blog and it’s my number one editing tool.  I have it installed on my Mac and everything I write and I mean everything including my social updates get put through Grammarly before it goes to publish.


Grammarly is free and there is also a premium version however if you’re reluctant to spend the cash on the premium version the free version will  still do a mighty fine job indeed


After The Deadline


After the deadline is an online editor that uses contextual spell checking. You see you’re more likely to miss words that are technically spelt correct but are used in the wrong context so it will check for grammar, spelling and style errors. 



Again it’s a free piece of software and there is also a WordPress plug-in so bloggers can install it on their blog straight off the bat and it will check everything for you as you go.


And yes before you ask it is free.


Slick Write


Slick write is another tool I’m a big fan of and the reason I like this one so much is that you can customise your editing process within the app.


So for instance on your first run through you could simply check grammar, on your second edit only to check spelling and on the third edit only check on the style.



Meaning you can go through each of the main components that you would like in your edit piece by piece rather than like some others where it does everything all at once and your page becomes a little cluttered and confused.


My only gripe with Slick Write is that you have to enter your text into their website rather than having a plug-in or an app that you can simply install it’s a minor thing but it does make a difference to me.


And yes like the others feature above it is free.


Web Spell Checker


Web spellchecker is another tool that will edit your work as you go and highlight your mistakes much like many of us will be used to when it comes to the instant spell check on Microsoft Word.



However, there is a nifty feature that allows it to check your work in a separate window so you’re not distracted by the mistakes or errors and your original writing isn’t changed.


This is great for protecting your original draft and also for avoiding distractions and the temptation to edit as we write, which as we know is a big no-no.


Guess what? This one is also free!


Hemingway App


This was one of the first online content editors that I ever used regularly and it’s still one I go to time and time again.


The Hemingway app is an online editor that is easy to use and does a number of fantastic things that some other editors don’t do or at least you can’t get the features for free.


There is a desktop app that has just been released that we can install for Chrome which is handy but even if you don’t want to install another chrome app you simply copy and paste your text into the web page and it will go ahead and grade it in the most fantastically easy to read colour-coded way.


Hemingway will grade your readability, break down the reading time, the number of paragraphs and the word count and not only that but it will also use colour coding to highlight problem areas such as passive voice adverbs and difficult to read sections.


This bad boy is also free and can make a huge difference to your content if like me you were guilty of using the same words and phrases over and over again!


At the end of the day, there can be no substitution for having someone else give your content the once over but as we’ve learnt that’s not always possible or indeed practical given time constraints put upon ourselves by our blogs.


These are my top five editors that have helped me over the years create some of my best work. I feel however that I should point out that even the best automatic editors in the world can sometimes miss mistakes, so running your work through these editors is no guarantee that your work will be 100% perfect but by running your work through these it’s going to be 95 to 98% of the way there which let’s be honest it’s probably a damn site better than what it would be without them (or at least that’s the case for me anyway)


What Do You Use?


Is your favourite text editor feature above have you got another one that you like to use if so why not share it with us in the comment section.



We love to see what other tools and pieces of tech other bloggers are using.


Regardless of which one you use the main thing to remember is always set aside dedicated time to proofread and edit your work. Leaving these two major tasks as an afterthought will not end well for you or your content.


We know that everyone is tight on time when it comes to blogging, that’s why we’ve developed the #30minblogger series.


The 30-minute blogger is designed to give you actionable, practical advice that you can implement in less than 30 minutes, so if you’re looking to save time and increase traffic to your blog leave your name and email address below and we’ll show you how!


Save Time Blogging (2)

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