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[Email Marketing] How to create a Lead Magnet & Upgrades

How to create a lead magnet, is perhaps one of the most searched terms when it comes to growing an email list and rightly so. You see here is how the conversation goes between you and your reader:


“Oh, so you want something from me? Well, what do I get in return?”


This is the most common response you’ll get from people when you ask for something for free.


“What do I get?”


And if they don’t ask what’s in it for them, well then they are either one of your nearest and dearest or they’re playing the long game and will undoubtedly pull a rabbit out of a hat when you least expect it and ask you to reciprocate.


The Exchange


Email marketing is pretty much the same if people are going to give you their email address they want to know what’s in it for them.


The collection of email address has gotten decidedly trickier over the years. Hence the reason why so many bloggers are searching”How to Create a Lead Magnet”, it’s simply the best way of getting people on board.


With most people now checking their emails on their mobile devices, been able to send them an email is now the equivalent of sending them a text message.


We have direct access to their pocket and day to day life, not just when they choose to log in on a laptop or desktop to check their inbox.


With this new found access comes a certain amount of reluctance on their part to give up their “direct access account” (as I call it) and rightly so.


In order for them to give us “direct access” to their pocket, we need to offer something in return and it can’t be any old junk, it has to be perceived as valuable and useful to that person.


This is where your incentivised opt-in or “Lead Magnet” comes in.


How to Create a Lead Magnet


An Incentivised opt-in or “Lead Magnet” is essentially an extra piece of information or something that will make their life easier. All we are going to do is offer it to the person in exchange for their email address.


This can be anything from a PDF of a recipe, an infographic, a video, a checklist, an audio file, anything.


The key is to make sure that your lead magnet is something that your perspective audience will want and will gladly give up their email addresses for.


What to offer


This is where a lot of people fall down, they have seen some epic lead magnets that are as fancy as f*ck and think that there is no way they can match that and their right.


But that’s the wrong way to look at it, a lead magnet doesn’t need to have bells and whistles or be “War and Peace” to be of value.


A lead magnet can be created in minutes and because of this we can always tweak them or change them if they don’t work.


So think about it, what questions are you always getting asked?


What types of content work really well with your audience, if list posts work really well with your audience and niche, then create a list post on a popular topic and rather than publish it on your blog.


Then turn it into a PDF and offer “My Top 10 tips for selling on Depop” as your lead magnet.


Once they realise that the only way to get it is by email, then you have them.


Content Upgrades


The other way of getting people on your list is to offer “Content Upgrades”.


The theory is very simple, yet extremely effective.


Rather than offering a “lead magnet” that fits all, you offer a lead magnet that is specific to one piece of content.


This is a way of targeting your audience and getting super specific with your lead magnet offers. Essentially what you are doing is say to your reader “oh you liked that article. well then here is an accompanying piece to go with it.”


Types of Upgrade


These content upgrades can also just be small quick pieces that the reader will find useful, for example;


    • A downloadable checklist to accompany a “How-to” video


    • A downloadable version of a recipe


    • A printable shopping list for people to refer to when buying the ingredients


    • A Workbook


  • or even the article itself split in two


Kim Roach took the last approach and by simply splitting her post in two and offering the second half as an upgrade she saw an increase of 16% on her email opt-ins. That’s 16% from one article alone.


Ian Cleary, who was a guest on the podcast back in episode 59, gives his readers the option to simply download the article they are reading. He turns some of his articles into PDF’s and tells his readers if they don’t have time to read it now, just pop in their email address and he’ll send it to them for later reading.


So as you can see it doesn’t have to be a whole lot of extra work to create an upgrade.


Also, don’t forget, you don’t have to create an upgrade for all of your content, how about just the most popular ones.


Revisit Old Content


We’ve gone back over our analytics and retrospectively added content upgrades to our most popular content. if you want to see how we positioned the upgrades you can check out the following examples;





These are just some of the upgrades we have peppered throughout the blog to accompany our content.


The principals behind a lead magnet or a content upgrade is a simple one, there are a few Do’s and Don’t which we covered in Episode 44 of the Podcast and I suggest you have a listen to that when you get a chance.


But, by and large, it the “how” that trips people up, not the “why”.


[Video] How to Create a Lead Magnet


So I’ve put together a video showing you just how easy it is to create a lead magnet or an upgrade for free.


You can check out the finished product from the video here

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