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[Email Marketing] The Mistake 90% of Bloggers Make

Should bloggers use Email Marketing?

Social Media gets you noticed but Email Marketing gets you sales. Should bloggers use Email Marketing? Absolutely.


90% 0f bloggers have less than 500 email subscribers and no clear email marketing strategy.


By following a few simple steps with your email marketing you can improve your SEO Ranking, Your Reach and Your Sales.


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Facebook has 1.79 billion monthly active users globally as of September 2016 (1), Instagram has 600 million active users as of December 2016 (2) and Twitter has 313 million monthly active users as of January 2017 (3).


By 2018 there will be over 5.2 billion email accounts globally being used by over 2.8 billion people (4).


There are over 220 Billion emails sent every day with the average person receiving over 120 daily.


These statistics are inflated as email is still the primary method for people in the business world to use to communicate internally and externally.


58% of people check their email account first,  then Facebook (11%) and twitter (2%). On a daily basis, 91% of people check their email, 57% check their Facebook and 14% check Twitter (6).



Why Should bloggers use Email Marketing?

Most People Use Email and Bloggers Don’t!


The biggest mistake that bloggers are making in 2017 is ignoring email marketing.


In a survey we completed in January 2017 (Blogging Report 2017 ) we found that 45% of bloggers don’t have an email list!


46% of bloggers with an email list have less than 500 people on it!


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The biggest mistake that bloggers are making in 2017 is ignoring Email Marketing




Why is Email Marketing Effective?

  1. Smart Phone Access: 91% of people have email on their Smart Phone (7), so it is very accessible on the go in 2017.
  2. It is easy to measure success with delivery reports, open rates and click-through rates reported on each email broadcast you send.
  3. You can split test (A/B) email broadcasts to establish which headlines and body text get the best results.
  4. Emails can be personalised for each person on your list with a single setting. This increases the chances of people reading the email by 26% (8).
  5. Action Oriented: We are trained to take some form of action with email, read it and reply/click a link.
  6. Sales: It is the preferred platform receiving promotional material and people are used to making a purchase from an email link.


And it improves your Google Ranking!


Getting to the top spot in Google for key terms is the holy grail for bloggers. We have found that sending our weekly emails and achieving a 20%+ click-through rate really helped our site rank highly.


Think about it logically, Google rewards sites for having engaging content that serves them. Google can see that someone has arrived at your site from a link in an email broadcast. The more people that arrive from their inbox to your blog, the more the SEO gods will reward your blog.

Social Media or Email Marketing isn’t a Choice

Should bloggers use Email Marketing instead of Social Media? Absolutely Not!

For bloggers it isn’t a choice between social media and email marketing, both are critical to blogging success.

Email marketing will get you more traffic, more reach, and more direct sales. Social Media will engage your audience, good content can be shared which can grow your audience and it can assist with sales through influence.


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