Episode 017: How to Grow Your Email List 10x with Live Streaming

Sandra Guynes interview
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Sandra Guynes promo pictureSandra Guynes is a business coach/consultant and speaker. She works with busy women juggling business and family to help them create a brand that shines. Sandra is a storyteller. Her work as an advocate for domestic violence awareness and photography exhibit of survivor stories has been featured nationally. Her superpowers are relationship building and getting noticed. Her weakness coffee and stilettos! Her passion helping women own their superpowers and build a business that’s full of personality!




    • How to test New Platforms for your online business


    • How to grow your list 10x with Blab!


    • How to use new Social Media Platform Anchor




“Stick with a Content Strategy for 90 days to see if its working, people fail when they stop too soon as they see no immediate traction.”


“My email list grew 10X in 45 days while using Blab.im, repurposing existing content and the Blab’s themselves”


“With online business you are getting people to Know, Like & Trust you. Using live streaming gives you the ability to be real & connect with people.”


“Are you a DJ or a Songwriter? You don’t always have to be the resource inventor, but the DJ that shows them the best resource when they need it.”





Free Resource for Live Streaming with great results- Get Sandra’s Step by Step Guide Here

Sandra’s Website – www.SandraGuynes.com

Photo Editing – Canva 

Talk to your Tribe – Blab

Anchor “Radio by the People” Very interesting new social media platform – Anchor.FM


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