Episode 021: How to go from Self Aware to Self Confident with Linda Ugelow

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Linda Ugelow promo 5Today we have Linda Ugelow in the show from LindaUgelow.comLinda was originally a dancer and choreographer, who travelled the world doing what she loved, but she has since realised that not everyone is as comfortable in their own skin as she is. Linda now helps her clients get comfortable in their bodies and in expressing themselves.


Linda works with people to help them heal their past experiences and to help them get over that fear of getting in front of the camera.She has some great advice for all those who consider themselves “Camera Shy”. We also discuss Linda’s content strategy and how she has managed to get such a good understanding of her clients fears and frustrations.





  • Linda’s method for market research


  • How to become more confident in front of the camera


  • What questions you should be asking your audience


  • Linda’s “unconventional” method of brainstorming content


  • How to get yourself in the right mind set to create






“I love being in front of the camera, that doesn’t mean that I think everything I do looks good”


“What do you think are their biggest struggles?”


“It’s not about sales, you’re just gathering information”


“What can I offer that no one else is doing?”


“Imperfection gives us a place to grow”


“Speak to yourself like you would your dearest friend”





Linda’s Website – LindaUgelow.Com



Trello – Trello.com


How to use Twitter Advance Search – How to “Define and Conquer” with Twitter



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