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Todist Interview - becky Kane
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Becky KaneToday we have Becky Kane on the show, Becky is a content strategist and copywriter over at Todoist.comBecky not only handles the Todoist blog, but is responsible for content curation, promotion and strategy. She has been working with Todoist for a number of years and when it comes to content marketing Becky understands the demand placed on content creators when it comes to creating solid content that will ultimately drive traffic to a site or product.


Becky, who actually graduated as a political science major, started off at Todoist as a pure evangelist of the product having used it for months on a previous internship. She loved the product so much she use that to get her foot in the door of the company and hasn’t looked back. So before the show even kicks off, there is a tip for you. If you want to get noticed, know the product inside and out.






  • Becky’s advice for structuring your articles


  • How to give your posts authority


  • How eating a frog in the morning can help you


  • What the “Pomodoro technique” is and how it can help get more done


  • 3 tips for being more productive





“What it comes down to is,  what you do on a day to day basis”


“What is the one thing, what is the most important thing you have to accomplish today?”


“I see external links as opportunities to show we have done our research and to create a relationships with influencers”


“How are we going to create value beyond what is already out there”


“Quality is the number one priority”





Becky’s blog at Todoist – Blog.Todoist


The Todoist App – Todoist App


Keyword Research – BuzzSumo


Simon Sinek’s – Start with WHY!


Becky’s Blog Post – Why Single-Tasking Is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage


The Groove.com – How We Got 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours





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