Episode 030: Understanding Copywriting and Planning with Stèphanie De Geus

Copywriting and planning with Stèphaine de Geus
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Stephaine promo picIn this episode of the Content Academy Podcast we welcome Stéphanie de Geus from The Story Sparks. It is a great episode where we talk about planning, copywriting and email management.


If you are busy and working on a number of projects, this show is for you. Stéphanie breaks down time management to the nth degree, we also talk about plenty of actionable steps to boost your productivity too.

Her goal is to help women business owners create a stellar online presence and rock at their job. As a former editor-in-chief, she’s super organised and loves creating content. She blogs about getting yourself organised and creating great content for your blog over at www.thestorysparks.com.




  • Plan Your Time Effectively, to the hour!!


  • Copywriting


  • Copywriting for Product Launches


  • Email Management




Pearls of Wisdom from Stéphanie


“Know Your Audiences Struggles”


“What does your audience need, NOW?”


“Ask yourself, what is the goal of your content?”


“ Launching a Product? Get Your Audience Involved! ”


“Get Your Message Across Concisely!”


“Deadline Everything!!”


“Make sure you plan ahead, months ahead if you can”


“ Online Business is all about WHAT your audience wants”






Stéphanie de Geus’s website The Story Sparks


Trello – Get a free account here


Asana – Project Management Software for Teams


Journaling! We recommend using OneNote






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