Episode 049: Key Takeaways from BloggerConf And Why Events like this are important

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Paul and Phil speaking at BloggerConfThis past weekend we were lucky enough to be asked to speak at BloggerConf as part of a panel being put together by Darragh Doyle and Sue Jordan.


While the theme for the panel was “One Thing”, the day it’s self was full of fun, information, networking and Muppets!


Today’s show is a little different from some of our usual podcast episodes, but we felt it was important to share some the key lessons from the event.


If you were lucky enough to be able to attend then you will have picked up on some of the points, but I would wager that you may have missed some of the more subtile points that may not have made the headlines, or in this case, the minute by minute twitter updates.


As I said, we have highlighted seven key points we took away from the event and also why events like this are so important.


7 Key Takeaway’s From BloggerConf

You are not alone – there is a huge vibrant blogging community out there, you only have to reach out!


It’s all about your Brand! – It is never just about one stand alone picture or article, everything is about your brand. If you don’t think you have a brand, now is the most important time, because you can shape what you want your “brand” to be and to stand for!


Adapt or Die – If you are not getting the types of results you want, don’t be afraid to mix it up, just because you started off talking about one thing or posting on set days doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up or diversify the topic


No One Wakes Up Brilliant  – Everyone started somewhere, no one just began a blog and was producing quality content straight out the gate. It is a craft, it takes time and patience. Stop measuring yourself against others and thinking that you have to be as good as them, you don’t, you have to be as good as the lesson’s you have learned!


Why so serious? – It doesn’t have to be all business or promotion. Share stuff on your accounts that you would normally share with friends, if you find it funny share it, if you find it interesting share it. Don’t just be the blog, be the person behind the blog!


Get out from behind the Keyboard – Online content is going to be dominated by video by 2019, so now is the time to adapt. Get comfortable in front of the camera. Start small, use your phone and go from there!


Google Loves Fresh Produce – Taking a step back towards the basics is not necessarily a bad idea. Google loves fresh new content, so rather than focusing on “pushing” viewers to your blog, try “Pulling” them in with the content and a little help from Google.


Links and Resources Mentioned

Unum for Instagram

Instagram Picture with Anousk

Darragh Doyle’s Muppet’s Video

Microphone-  Rode SmartLav+.


There you have it, our top seven take aways from BloggerConf 2016. Not surprisingly there was a big focus on content, be that blog, video, or social, the devil is in the detail.


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