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Hashtags on Facebook can increase engagement by 60%

We all know that hashtags predominately came up with the rise of Twitter, but did you know that adding hashtags on Facebook post are also a great way of gaining exposure. We have spoken about how hashtags and Twitter Chat can be a great way to increase your social reach on the 140 character platform, but did you know that using hashtags on Facebook can increase engagement by up 60%.


While many bloggers and business owners have come to use hashtags every day on their Twitter and Instagram post, it would seem that hashtags on Facebook are simply not utilised enough. So what I want to show you is how you can use hashtags in your Facebook posts to increase your engagement on the biggest social platform there is.


5 Tips for using Hashtags on Facebook


The idea using hashtags is that it can allow users to filter content based on the chosen hashtag. So when people see a hashtag that they are interested in they simply have to click on the hashtag to see all other posts mentioning that hashtag. Of course seeing plenty of hashtags on platforms such as Twitter and in particular, Instagram is nothing new. Content marketers have quickly realised that the more hashtags you include in an Instagram post, the more likes and followers they get.


However, these followers are not necessarily quality followers, many of them being part of the “follow for follow” brigade. So with that in mind here are 5 tips for using hashtags when it comes to Facebook to ensure you get the right type of followers.


Use the same #Hashtag on all platforms


When it comes to promoting content, especially when gearing up for a launch, use the same hashtags on all platforms. When you become consistent with a hashtag, especially one that is considered unique to you or your produce or event, it will peak interest. We have all seen the most common of hashtags, like #entrepreneurship, #marketing, #tech and even #foodgasm on plenty of posts. These are most certainly overused and do not really peak the interest. With that said, what if you had your own hashtag leading up to an event or launch?


So the next time you have an event or launch, come up with your own hashtag for it. There is a word of warning here, though. If you chose to go down this route, keep it brief and do not go down the route of having a hashtag that seems more like a song title. With the same hashtag showing up on all of your social media platforms it is sure to peak interest and will hopefully lead your audience to investigate the meaning behind it. As they say, “Curiosity killed the cat”.


Jump on the bandwagon


I have mentioned some of the more common hashtags that really don’t peak much interest, but what about the ones that everyone loves to participate in? These can be a great way to get more eyes on your posts. These hashtags are what we deem to be socially acceptable and a good bit of fun. So don’t be afraid to get stuck in when it comes to the likes of #TBT (throw back Thursday), #FF (follow Friday) or #FanpageFriday.


These are a great way to not only share some of your older content in the case of #TBT, with #FF you can use it to promote other pages that you feel your followers could benefit from. After all, it is not only about your content, but sharing other people’s content that your audience may find of value. With #FanpageFriday, it’s a great way for your followers to promote some of their content or other useful accounts.


Use them at the beginning or the end


While this is not something set in stone, it is somewhat of a pet peeve of mine. It can be very distracting when some people put their hashtags in the middle of a sentence. You want your audience to enjoy your posts and read them, not stop in the middle to click on the hashtag. So leave your hashtags until the end of the post. Give your audience a chance to consume your content, then go further with the hashtag.


Check your hashtags before you post 


Even if you use social media planning software you can still double check the hashtag before it goes out. We like to use Buffer and even though we use it to automate our Facebook post, we can still check the hashtags before it posts. So when you set your post to go out, you can then click on the hashtag to double check what has been talked about.


Even if you don’t use a post planner, you should always check out what is going on under the hashtag you want to use. There is nothing worse than some accounts using hashtags to push content when it doesn’t quite fit the tone or topic of the conversation.


Are there other hashtags you could be using?


You really only want to be using one or two hashtags in your Facebook post, but what if you can only think of one hashtag to use? Well, why not check out Hashtagify will give you ideas for other hashtags related to the one you have. This way you can stay on point and grab the attention of other people who are also interested in the same topic. So the next time you are stuck for just which hashtag you should use, pop it into Hashtagify and see what they suggest!


So there you have it 5 guidelines for using Hashtags on Facebook to increase engagement.


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