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How to effectively use hashtags on Instagram

As we continue on with our look at Instagram, I want to dig a little deeper into Hashtags. Of course, I have already spoken about the advantages of using hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, but what about the king of hashtags, Instagram. We all know we should use them and I want to show you how to effectively use hashtags on Instagram.


The beauty of hashtags on Instagram is that no matter how many followers you have on the platform, the effect of adding the right hashtags is almost the same as those accounts with huge followings. According to Buffer accounts with fewer than 1000 followers, who use 11 hashtags with their photo’s get on average over 77 interactions per post.


[spp-tweet tweet=”Users who include 11 hashtags with their Instagram photos get over 77 interactions per post”]

Of course, this is not just a case of tagging on any old hashtag and hoping for the best. There is a way of making sure that your hashtags are relevant and target the audience you are trying to attract. So to avoid falling into the trap of using pointless hashtags here is exactly how to effectively use #hashtags on Instagram.

How to effectively use hashtags on Instagram



Find Popular Hashtags to use

There is little to no point in using obscure hashtags unless you are targeting a specific audience or perhaps you have come up with you own (more on this later). So what you need to do is find what is hot at the moment in terms of hashtags. There are some great sites like Top-Hashtags.Comthat will give you a full rundown on the most popular hashtags at the moment. If however, you are looking for some inspiration, why not try these.

  • #TBT – Throwback Thursday – This is a great way to share older photographs, or as we have a penchant for repurposing content, it is a great way of promoting older photos or indeed content, without making it look cringe worthy.


  • #Instaquote – Instagram Quote – When it comes to sharing quotes this is a great hashtag to use. You can use this one when it comes to sharing quotes from guests like we do, or perhaps it is an inspirational quote that you want to share with your followers. You can also use #quoteoftheday or #QOTD to share quotes.


  • #FollowFriday – We have spoken about not only sharing your content but also sharing other people’s content and this hashtag is a great way of doing that. If there is something you want to share with your following, use this hashtag with it. Obviously, you will have to wait until Friday to do so, but you never know, it could result in a follow back from the original content creator.


  • #AmWriting – If you are in the middle of creating a new piece of content, why not let your followers know by using this hashtag. It is a good way to build anticipation for your latest blog post or article.




Only use a few hashtags in the actual post



While we have the ability to us up to 30 hashtags in a post, to do so would look messy. So rather than pumping the post full of #Hashtags, put a few in the actual post. Then for the remainder of the hashtags that you wish to use, put them in a comment once you have published the post.


The post will still show up when searched for using the corresponding hashtag, so don’t worry about it. Also given the highly visual nature of the platform and the fact that you are trying to get your message across, you do not want to ruin the user experience with tonnes of hashtags.



Search for related hashtags


This is a big one when we get asked how to effectively use hashtags on Instagram. There is always a good chance that you will have one or two hashtags in mind for a post. However, with the ability to add more, you may want to find some inspiration for other hashtags that you can use for your post. One way of doing it is to simply search Instagram using the ones you have in mind and see what other hashtags people have used along with your one.


Or the easier way to do this is by popping your hashtag into HashtagifyThis nifty bit of kit will then give you related hashtags to the one you put. It is a great way of finding relevant hashtags to use in your post. It will also show you the most recent Tweets with the corresponding hashtag. While this is not much use in terms of Instagram content, it will give you an idea of what people are sharing using the hashtag you had in mind.


Create a list of hashtags


In terms of making the process a little bit quicker, keep a list of hashtags that you are including in your post. Whether this is a word doc or note on your device, it then becomes a lot easier to add them. All you have to do is copy and paste.


Create Custom Hashtags


This works really well when you are promoting a competition or an event. Create a custom hashtag that corresponds to your contest or event. That way you can then search for that hashtag and see how many people are talking about or sharing your promotion using that hashtag. Also given the fact that it is slightly obscure, it will peak people’s interest. Which will hopefully lead to them checking out the hashtag and the meaning behind it, which is you and your brand.


So there you have it, how to effectively use hashtags on Instagram, which will help you grown your following and influence in no time. Let us know, which hashtags are working really well for you at the moment?


How to effectively use hashtags on Instagram


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