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How to get more followers on Snapchat

Follow Content_Academy on Snapchat

Follow Content_Academy on Snapchat

Snapchat has very quickly become a prime piece of social “real estate” in terms of content marketing. Much like Instagram, Snapchat appeals to a younger audience with it’s highly visual nature. Having already looked at creating custom snapcodes and how to repurpose content for snapchat, I want to look at how to get more followers on Snapchat.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there is no way of searching Snapchat accounts on the app. The lack of a “discovery” feature has long been muted as one of the biggest hurdles for marketers getting eyeballs on their account. This is undoubtedly a problem, but one that I welcome and tomorrow I will not only explain why, but also show you ways to organically get more followers on Snapchat.




How to get more followers on Snapchat using Ghostcodes

Today however I want to draw your attention to a new third party app that indexes Snapchat accounts and can help you grow your following significantly. The app is called “Ghostcodes” and there is also desktop site, which has much of the same features. The idea behind the app and site is simple.


You download the app, sign up, submit your snapchat account and give a description about what your account focuses on, eg), business, comedy, fitness ect. It is as I said very simple, but there are some considerations that I want to run through with you.


Naming options


When you are setting up your profile, your snapchat name does not change, however, you do have to input your name. If of course it is a personal account or indeed if you are your brand, then certainly put in your own name. If like us, the brand is a name, like Content Academy, then try and use this. What we have inputted our name as: First Name: Content, Second Name: Academy. So when our Snapchat account is shown to other users they will see the website name, which is great for consistency in our branding.


So try and figure it out, is there a way that you can get your brand name or website domain in there? Chances are there is and you really should use it.


How to get more followers on SnapchatCustom Snapcode


You will also be given a option to upload your snapcode. This is where yesterday’s how to create a custom snapcode┬átutorial┬ácomes in useful. With the expected numbers joining Ghostcodes set to rise dramatically over the coming weeks, you need to stand out. So having a custom snapcode is essential. So take the time to create one that stands out and will capture people’s attention.


Don’t forget it is also possible to change the colour of your snapcode from yellow to another colour, this will also help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to get more followers on Snapchat you have to stand out.


About you


There is also an opportunity for you to tell people about your snapchat account. This is rather straight forward, but the one thing to remember here is that people don’t want to hear about you. They want to hear about what they are going to get by following your account. So shy away from the “corporate spiel” and tell them what content they will receive from you.


[spp-tweet tweet=”No one cares who you are, they only want to know what’s in it for them!”]


Your Interests


You also need to tell people what you are interested in. This is fine if you are the brand, then you can tell them all about your love of collecting “He-man” figurines. With a business or website account you want to use this tell people the types of topics that you cover. This is kind of like finding the right hashtags to use, they need to be relevant to what your business does.


There are 10 spaces for you to fill in and much like Instagram, when you start typing they will throw up suggestions and tell you how many people are “interested” in that topic. So try and find some popular ones that you can include. Remember all these “interests” are used when it comes to searching for accounts, so I suggest the more prevalent ones go to the top of the list.


Social Links


Ghostcodes also gives you the opportunity to link up your other social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ect, so take the time to fill them in and make sure that the links are redirecting people to the right accounts. For those people looking at your account, they may want to dig a little deeper into what you do before they add you on Snapchat. Give them all the information you can.


How to get more followers on SnapchatCategory


You then have to categorise yourself. There are 40 options, from Dance, Vlogger, Marketing, Business to Artist or health. So again, take the time to figure out which one suits you and your message the best. You can only chose one category, but if you find that like us you fall in between two or even three, you can mix it up and change the category as often as you want.


So don’t be afraid to experiment and see which one has the greatest effect for you and your numbers.


Get more followers on Snapchat


Now that we have our Ghostcodes account set up, it is time for us to get more followers. While a large number of the new followers will come from the search function on the app, there are ways that you can help push people towards you and your account.


Give them “Kudos”


In Ghostcodes, you have the ability to give people “Kudos”. Essentially what this means is, you are telling them you like their account. So how will this get you new followers? Well the concept is quite simple, you give them “Kudos” and they will be notified of this. Once they go and check who has given them the “Kudos”, they will become aware of your account. The hope is that if you have followed the steps above, they will follow you. This is a great way of creating awareness and a cool way to get more followers on Snapchat.


Add people with the same interests


The whole aim of the app is to get people to notice that you are in the space and have content that they may find useful. So do a search for accounts that have listed their interests as the ones you cover and add them.


They will of course be notified, that one, you downloaded their snapcode from the app and two, they will be notified by Snapchat when you add them, so they will be seeing your name or brand twice. This will hopefully lead to them investigating what it is you do and following you back.


Tomorrow I will be looking at others ways in which you can get more followers on Snapchat, but give Ghostcodes a go and see what you think. Even if you only set it up and never really use it, it can’t hurt to be indexed.

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