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How to Get People to Read your Blog: 6 Steps for 100,000 Hits


Getting to the top of google is challenging, but the rewards can be substantial. Having a successful Blog Seo Strategy is a must if you are going to run a successful online business.


How to Get People to Read your Blog: Make Google Search Your Shop Window

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Think of each page of google search results as the most targeted shop window you have ever seen.

Take a moment, now imagine in your mind what you are looking for and visualise it in a shop window.

It can be Manchester United playing football, the most amazing clothes for a party or even a cheap app you can use for your online business!

Google gets searched – asked by people to show them what they want. You Know this already, so how can you take advantage?

How to Get People to Read your Blog: Now is Time to Take Advantage

Blogging is a method to get people with a specific demand to visit your business.

When a shop opens on the high street they have one location and a limited revenue stream of footfall that pass the shop.

Often these businesses expand into other parts of the town, then the city and sometimes to other countries.

They literally have shop windows all over the world! This increases their earning potential.


How Can You Get More Visitors to Your Site? Turn Each Blog Post into a Shop Window!

I challenge you to think of each blog post as a shop window. You have the opportunity to rank in Google in many different places for many different terms.

Each keyword phrase will have different volumes of search traffic. But unlike a shop, your blog will start to rank for other terms too. Meaning one blog could have multiple different “shop windows”.

Like with high street retail, your products position in the shop window will determine how many people see it. The more people who see it, the more people who will take action.

33% of people click the number one organic search result in google. This is the prime location you should be targeting for one phrase per blog.

This means that if you rank first for a keyword term that gets on average 1000 monthly searches, you can expect 330 people to click through to your blog post.

This equates to approximately 11 people every day!


How to Get People to Read your Blog: One Blog Post Per Week Can Generate 100,000 Hits Per Year

If you wrote one blog post per week targeted at a low search and low competition keyword and managed to hit top spot in Google 50% of the time you would receive 100,000 visitors annually from this content!

Let’s brake that down even further, it means that you are getting targeted visitors to your site at a rate of up to 4000 per day with a 50% success rate!!

You can spend a lot of time chasing top spot on google for a highly competitive term or simply pick off the lesser searched terms.

This is a better method as you are much more diversified, if all your visitors are coming through one or two key terms and your ranking reduces your site could drop off the face of the earth overnight.


How to Get People to Read your Blog: The 6 Steps

To achieve this from blogging there are 6 steps you need to take.

Step 1: Have 50 Possible Blog Posts to Write

You will hear this again and again from Content Academy. You need to have at least 50 ideas for blog posts within your niche.

Step 2: Just Write

It is important to let your passion and expertise come out. Write the first draft of your article.

Step 3: List a few keywords and key terms from your article that you could target.

Step 4: Search these terms within Google Keyword Planner. Filter through the results until you find a word with low competition and at least 330 monthly searches.

Step 5: Google the term and assess the competition. The less advertising (Google Adwords), older the top article and less well known the website the better.

Is your article more relevant to the term and can your website compete for top spot? This is what you are trying to establish.

Step 6: Once you have found a term to compete for, you are ready to optimise your blog post.

Learn how to Optimise your blog post here: Coming Soon!! 🙂

Too often people just write, once you have a purpose to your content you will see better results.

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