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How to get 1000’s of Periscope Followers with One Blog Post

When it comes to promoting content and building an audience, social media is the fastest way of getting the message out there, and of course there are plenty of platforms to choose from. Today I want to continue with the Periscope theme that I have been writing about over the last few days and show you how to get more Periscope followers. To be specific I want to show you how to get anything up to 1000 periscope followers with only one blog post.


Now that may seem a tad bit ambitious, but you would be surprised how effect one blog post can be when you leverage it correctly. Obviously the first thing you need to do is get yourself on Periscope. if you are not already on the platform then you really should be. For more on exactly why you should be, you can check out a recent article I wrote on the subject entitle “10 Periscope tips proven to get you more love”.


So assuming you are already on Periscope, the real struggle is trying to capture people’s attention. Not only that but also to get them to follow you. However if you are clever about it, you can make people follow you rather simply and here is how.


How to get 1000’s of Periscope followers


The concept is rather simple and I am actually surprised that I have not seem any bloggers using this tactic to gain Periscope followers. Now just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean that content marketers aren’t doing it, but certainly is doesn’t seem to be a big part of their promotion strategy. The idea is to leverage “private” Periscope broadcasts to entice people to follow you.



Create a blog post


What we want to do is go ahead and create a blog post and the idea here is that we want to give away something special, something that our existing readers will want. Not only that but we also want to give away something that others will be interested in, so we have to peak every bodies interest. This may sound complicated, but what if I told you that all you were giving away was your time?


Yes, your time. We want to create a blog post that explains to your audience that you will be giving away your time for free and that you are going to teach them or show them something, of course this will be based on your individual expertise within your niche.


What you are going to give away is one of a limited number of spots on a “private” Periscope with you! So in your blog post you are really going to be creating a mini sales page. This blog post/sales page is going to go into exactly what you will be teaching or talking about and the benefits this new knowledge is going to have for them.


Really the principal is the same as a webinar. Much the same way you might create a blog post to promote an upcoming webinar, you are going to do this to promote a “private” Periscope.


Promoting your “Private” Periscope


This is very much done in the same way that you would promote any blog post, by blasting it out on all of your social platform, with one exception. In order for them to get access to your “private” periscope, they must follow you on the platform and you in turn have to follow them.


So a great way to get them to take action and follow you is by making them send you a tweet along with a screen capture of the fact they are following you on Periscope. The beauty of this is they will be spreading the word for you and you can even make it a click to tweet. All they have to do is add the picture. That “click to tweet” could look like this:


” Follow @_YourTwitterName on Periscope for exclusive private coaching lessons, I did! (link to blog post) ”


This will not only make it easy for you to see who has followed you, but also who you should be following back so that they can be added to your “Private” Periscope group.


Build your email list


The other option is to have them opt in to your email list to be notified as to when your private scopes are going to be held. This way they will go onto your list and in your first email all you ask them to do is reply with their Periscope username so you can add them back. It is as easy as that, not only have you now got new Periscope followers, but you have also managed to grow your list.


Now at the start of this article I promised you 1000’s of Periscope followers, this number is of course dependant on the amount of traffic you have coming to your site. With that said, it is still a great way to get new followers and give them something of value that really only costs your time.


Don’t forget, if you are looking for more great Periscope tips you can click the image below to get 10 Periscope tips proven to get you more love“.


10 Periscope Tips to get more followers

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