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5 ways to get readers to your new blog

When we are starting the biggest problem is how to get readers to your new blog. That’s the game right there, how do we get eyeballs on the site when no one knows we exist?


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Many of the blogs, videos and tutorials out there will tell us that we need to promote our content on our social media platforms and of course they are right.


We could show you how to programme your Facebook and Twitter or talk about social media software that will help you promote your content.


However, when you are only starting out you don’t have a large social following, you don’t have a big reach, in fact, most people don’t even know you exist, so how do you get readers to your new blog?


Getting Readers to Your New Blog


Having created six pieces of content that we can promote over the first couple of weeks of our blog and we need a promotion strategy to drive traffic to our new website.


There are five relatively simple things we can do to help drive traffic to our website and I’m going to run through them with you now, but be warned, they are might be simple, but they do take a little work and like everything else we’ve covered so far shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to get readers to your new blog


1. Facebook groups


How to get readers to your new blogAs you may or may not be aware Facebook groups are a great way of promoting your content and getting readers to your new blog. Unlike Facebook pages, members of a group tend to see a lot more of the content posted within that group as opposed to if it was posted on a regular page.


So what we need to do is find a number of Facebook groups that we can join that are also relevant to our topic or niche.


Now luckily for us there are plenty of them out there and really what we want is the most active ones. So what I suggest you do is compile a list of the top 10 groups on Facebook within your niche ranking them in order of members.


Most of the groups will be private so you will need to request to join however I have yet to request to join a Facebook group and not been allowed in.


Daily Threads


Once you are in that Facebook group most will have a daily thread. This daily thread generally consists of a place for you to post links to your content.


Now I do recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the Group before you post as a violation of this could see you blacklisted from the group.


Once you’re happy enough you can leave links to your content in the daily thread if they have one. If there is no daily thread, then we are going to need to be clever.


When we join a group we can post a comment introducing ourselves and explaining what our blog is about and also add a link.


Introduce Yourself


In this introduction, we would also like to invite other people to leave a comment and introduced themselves to you, this is your way of making connections within the group and also seeing who else is active.


readers to your new blog



However knowing most bloggers and Vloggers like I do, they won’t turn down the opportunity to put a link to their blog or vlog in the thread, thus bumping up your comment and making sure that most of the group at least see it!


To give it an added impact, I would suggest using a great photograph of you and captioning it with the words “hi nice to meet you” Or “hello” or even “come say hi I’m new!” this will help you get readers to your new blog.


Catch Their Attention


Attaching a striking image will certainly help capture people’s attention thus making them more likely to comment.


Once you have done this and replied to all the comments you get, we recommend that you continue to add value to the group by being helpful where you can and answer any questions that may pop up you feel you have the answer to.


The main consideration within a group is not to post your link at every opportunity given or to be constantly pushing people to your blog, it is to be seen as somebody who has authority within that niche, who understands the topic well and brings value where they can. By doing this most people will migrate to your website on their own.


Of course for them to be able to do this and given the fact that we are commenting from our own personal page, we need to make sure that when someone clicks on our personal page they can go directly to our blog. So make sure your about section is filled out correctly and links to your blog or your blog’s Facebook page




Much like the way we have made a list of the top 10 groups on Facebook, we need to do the same for the top 10 blogs within our niche.


What we can do then once we’ve compiled a list is visit these blogs leaving comments on their blog posts that add value.


What I mean by adding value is, that if you can’t add anything to the article in terms of an extra tip or something you might do differently well then you should leave a comment.


Remember, we can also add value to the author by thanking them for producing such a comprehensive article on the subject.


However, if this website has a decent amount of traffic the chances are they will be getting comments from other people and if any of those comments happen to be a question relating to the blog post that you feel you could answer, then I suggest you go ahead and answer it.


Why would we answer the question?


Because it’s most likely to bring value to the person who asked the question and indeed the person who owns the blog.


Think about it, you have just saved them time in answering the question for them and most people will get curious.


readers to your new blog by answering questionsThey will ask themselves who is this person who has answered their question and as most commenting systems will require you to leave an email address and a link to your blog, when they click on your profile it will show them the link to your blog which in turn will help them move towards your website.


So again we haven’t asked anyone to come and visit our blog or tried to be overly pushy about it but, by adding value, curiosity will drag people back to our site time and time again.


This may sound like a time-consuming task but by even spending 10 minutes a day jumping onto the various blogs and either thanking the author for writing such a comprehensive article or by answering a question posed within the comment section or indeed by asking a question that you might have, you are going to help build up that relationship between you and the author of this more popular blog, but also the curiosity factor will help drive people back to your website, thus getting you more readers to your new blog


3. Tweetchat


I’m sure at this point you can see the re-occurring theme, but when you have no followers you need to spend time out there in the community in order to get readers to your new blog.


giphy (2)Another great way of doing this is to get involved in “Tweet Chat“. By heading along to tweet chat and simply entering in a hashtag that you wish to speak about you could see all of the tweets and conversations happening on that topic and jump in and get involved.


When you see something you like hit reply, maybe retweet, or even just give it a bit of a like or a heart, this will show the original content source that you have liked their content thus driving that curiosity once more hopefully pushing them to consume some of your content and so on and so forth


Again this is not an automated strategy it’s something that will take time but very much worth doing.


By even spending 5 to 10 minutes every day or every two days doing this you will begin to notice your amount of Twitter followers growing and increased traffic and readers to your new blog coming from the blue little bird.


4. Hashtags


The beauty of hashtags on Instagram is that no matter how many followers you have on the platform, the effect of adding the right hashtags is almost the same as those accounts with huge followings.


how to get readers to your new blogAccording to Buffer accounts with fewer than 1000 followers, who use 11 hashtags with their photo’s get on average over 77 interactions per post.


Users who include 11 hashtags with their Instagram photos get over 77 interactions per post


Of course, this is not just a case of tagging on any old hashtag and hoping for the best. There is a way of making sure that your hashtags are relevant and target the audience you are trying to attract.


So to avoid falling into the trap of using pointless hashtags here is exactly how to effectively use #hashtags on Instagram.


Find Popular Hashtags to use


There is little to no point in using obscure hashtags unless you are targeting a specific audience or perhaps you have come up with your own.


So what you need to do is find what is hot at the moment in terms of hashtags.


There are some great sites like, that will give you a full rundown on the most popular hashtags at the moment.


If however, you are looking for some inspiration, why not try these.


#TBT – Throwback Thursday – This is a great way to share older photographs, or as we have a penchant for repurposing content, it is a great way of promoting older photos or indeed content, without making it look cringe worthy.


#Instaquote – Instagram Quote – When it comes to sharing quotes this is a great hashtag to use. You can use this one when it comes to sharing quotes from guests like we do, or perhaps it is an inspirational quote that you want to share with your followers. You can also use #quoteoftheday or #QOTD to share quotes.


#FollowFriday – We have spoken about not only sharing your content but also sharing other people’s content and this hashtag is a great way of doing that. If there is something you want to share with your following, use this hashtag with it. Obviously, you will have to wait until Friday to do so, but you never know, it could result in a follow back from the original content creator.


#AmWriting – If you are in the middle of creating a new piece of content, why not let your followers know by using this hashtag. It is a good way to build anticipation for your latest blog post or article.


#NewBlogPost – Then once the blog post is live you can promote it using this hashtag. Other great hashtags to use when promoting new articles are; #InstaBlogger, #Blogging and #NowLive.
Only use a few hashtags in the actual post.


While we have the ability to use up to 30 hashtags in a post, to do so would look messy. So rather than pumping the post full of #Hashtags, put a few in the actual post. Then for the remainder of the hashtags that you wish to use, put them in a comment once you have published the post.


The post will still show up when searched for using the corresponding hashtag, so don’t worry about it. Also given the highly visual nature of the platform and the fact that you are trying to get your message across, you do not want to ruin the user experience with tonnes of hashtags.


Search for related hashtags


This is a big one when we get asked how to effectively use hashtags on Instagram. There is always a good chance that you will have one or two hashtags in mind for a post.


However, with the ability to add more, you should find some inspiration for other hashtags that you can use for your post.



readers for you new blog using hashtagify

Hashtagify search results for #blogging

One way of doing this is to simply search Instagram using the ones you have in mind and see what other hashtags people have used along with your one.


Or the easier way to do this is by popping your hashtag into Hashtagify.


This nifty bit of kit will then give you related hashtags to the one you put in. It is a great way of finding relevant hashtags to use in your post. It will also show you the most recent Tweets with the corresponding hashtag. While this is not much use in terms of Instagram content, it will give you an idea of what people are sharing using the hashtag you had in mind.


Create a list of hashtags


In terms of making the process a little bit quicker, keep a list of hashtags that you are including in your post. Whether this is a word doc or note on your device, it then becomes a lot easier to add them. All you have to do is copy and paste.


5. Go live


use Facebook Live to get readres to your new blogThe final piece of advice when it comes to getting readers to your new blog is to go live. With Facebook live and now Instagram live not to mention Periscope, there are plenty of options for those of you willing to get in front of the camera.


We have seen more and more that Facebook is willing to show live videos to its audience on a more frequent level than it does with standard updates, so jumping in front of the camera for a Facebook live session is a great way to get you and your blog seen.


Now, of course, we still have the same problem how will people know we are live if they are not following us?


We go back to our Facebook groups and we share our live feed letting people in those groups know that we are going to be live.




If we really wanted to target people and make sure they see our Facebook live we can run a Facebook live giveaway.


It doesn’t have to be a physical prize, in fact, it could just be time spent with you on a Skype call depending on your niche. The main consideration here is that we need to make sure that the prize is relevant to your audience and that the people who would want to win the prize are your target audience.


So if for example, your blog was about makeup, then you could offer a free one-to-one skype call where you show them how to “contour” or create “HD brows” (can you tell I know nothing about makeup). This would be something that readers to your new blog would be interested and really all it will cost you is a little time.


The big temptation here is to have a catch-all prize however even people who aren’t interested in you or your brand would likely enter the competition and like your page simply because they want the prize not because they want to continue to consume your content.


So you would have to be careful as to what type of prize you give away.


You don’t have to give away a prize to get readers to your new blog but, certainly getting in front of the camera live and maybe making a promise to people isn’t a  bad way to get them to pay attention and I would certainly recommend that you get comfortable in front of the camera and try to incorporate Facebook lives or Instagram lives into your promotion strategy.




Getting readers to your new blog comes down to is interaction. It’s a surefire way for us to spread the word about our blog and content.


Get involved in the conversions in Facebook Groups, join in the Twitter chat, comment on relevant blogs, find the right hashtags and get your message and expertise out there with live video.




Spend 15 minutes compiling a list of top blogs and Facebook groups you want to interact with. Then make appointments with yourself to go and interact with them over the coming days and weeks.

As I said, this will be an ongoing strategy that does require time, but one that honestly and truly works. So plan time in your calendar to do this, even if it is just once a week for 30 minutes, do it.

Remember if it were easy to get readers to your new blog everyone would be getting millions of page views a month.

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