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How to Organically grow your Snapchat following

Having looked at ways in which you can use the Ghostcodes App to grow your Snapchat following, I want to take a closer look at ways in which you can organically grow your following on Snapchat. As I said yesterday, there is no built in discovery function on the Snapchat app, so we are reliant on word of mouth to grow our followers.


Now I know that this has been a pain point for many marketers, but I don’t feel that this is necessarily a bad thing. The reasons for this is that it forces people to bring their “A” game to the platform. There are no real sneaky ways of growing a following. You either bring value to your audience in such a way that they want to share it or you don’t!


So for me, it is most certainly all about the content and value that you bring to the platform and I love it. The question is of course, how can you organically grow your Snapchat following? Well as I said, you need to hustle and bring your “A” game. So here are ways in which you can drive value and awareness on Snapchat.



Change your social icons


Having already shown you how to create a custom Snapcode for your account, you can then use this across all of your other social media accounts. Simply change your profile picture to your custom Snapcode. Just like we have done over on our Facebook page.


How to organically grow your foillowing on snapchat




Release Snaps on other platforms


When we have taken a snap or recorded a video on Snapchat, we have the option to save these to our mobile device. So why not save them and put them out on our other platforms. If for example we have recorded a number of video’s on Snapchat, save them, edit them together and release them on YouTube. This way you can promote your Snap video’s to your YouTube subscribers and push them across to follow you.


This way the advantage to them is that they do not have to wait until you edit and upload it onto your YouTube channel.


Snapchat only content


Another option is to release content only on Snapchat. Much like we talked about above, you can record a number of video’s and add them to your story, but the difference is that if people want to see them they have to follow you.


All you do here is let your audience know that in order to get this exclusive content they have to follow your Snapchat account. You can do this by writing a dedicate blog post on it or if you are tight for time, release on the Snapchat video’s on your other social platforms and tell them to see the rest they must head over to your Snapchat.


Run a Contest


Another great way of building awareness is to run a Snapchat only contest. This could be for a free copy of a book or even a one to one Skype call. All they have to do is follow you on Snapchat and send you a snap. Either answering a question or shooting a quick video.


cyrene qThe promotion of this runs very much the same as the previous tip, so be creative when it comes to promoting it.


Use Snapchat Art


Again the aim of the game is to stand out. So why not utilise the Snapchat art capabilities to make your Snaps pop. This has been done to great effect by a many number of Snapchatters, so try and give your Snaps a little extra something.


For inspiration on this one, check out CyreneQ on Snapchat. She does some amazing things on Snapchat when it comes to art work and story telling. Just look at this image she created for Guardians of the Galaxy!


So there you have it, five ways which you can organically grow you Snapchat following. Remember, the premise with any social platform is always the same. Provide amazing valuable content and you will always win!


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