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How to use Instagram lists to connect with market Influencers

Over the past two days we have dived into Instagram, in particular, what makes a good Instagram bio and how to effectively use hashtagsAs we continue on with a look into Instagram, I want to run through a clever way of keeping an eye on what your peers are up to on the platform. Namely how to set up and use custom Instagram lists.


Like many of our social media accounts, it can be sometimes very difficult to keep an eye on all of our favourite accounts. It can also be difficult to stay up to date with the latest news and also what our peers are up to within our niche. However, much like creating a Twitter list, you can also create lists on Instagram. These lists can be created based on accounts and even hashtags.


Having the ability to see what types of content are going out under various hashtags is of real benefit and if you have taken the time to follow the steps in our last article when it comes to using hashtags on Instagramthen you will really see the advantages of keep a close eye on those hashtags. So with that in mind here is how you can not only set up custom Instagram lists, but also why they are important.


How to set up custom Instagram lists


There are a number of ways you can set up Instagram list, but the one we want to focus on is Iconosquare. The reason we use Iconosquare as apposed to the likes of Mashfeed, is that we like to be able to log in on our desktop to view our lists. Mashfeed is good for use with your smart phone, but you cannot see your feeds on a desktop. So if that is not a problem for you then maybe Mashfeed is the one for you.


Setting up Iconosquare


If you head over to Iconosquare you will see the “sign in with Instagram” button in the top left corner, go ahead and sign in with your Instagram credentials.


How to set up and use custom Instagram lists


Once you sign in Iconosqaure will show you your Instagram feed. As you can see it is just like the desktop version of Instagram, where you still have the ability to view, like and comment on photos. In order to set up our dedicated Instagram lists, we need to go to the menu bar and select “My Followings”.


How to set up and use custom Instagram lists


From here we will get to see all of the accounts that we follow. What we want to do now is go down through them, or use the search bar in the top left if you know which accounts you want to add. Then we start adding them to our new Instagram lists.


To do this you simply hover over the circle on the bottom right of their profile and select “New Group”. This will then give you the option to name your new  list and add that person to your Instagram lists.


How to set up and use custom Instagram lists


Then once you you have aded them to your list you can go back to your feed and where it says “everybody”, if you hover over that a drop down menu will appear and you can select you Instagram lists. This way you will only see their feeds and what they are up to.


How to set up and use custom Instagram lists


It is as simple as that to set up and now you can keep a close eye on what your peers are up to and also stay on top of the latest news. It really is that easy to make sure you don’t miss anything from your favourite feeds.


There is also a free 7 day trial of the Iconosqaure analytics, these are very interesting and well worth a look even if you do not fancy setting up Instagram lists. Finally if you want to view your lists on your mobile device, you can log into Iconosqaure in a mobile browser and view them from there. To make life even easier you can simply copy and paste the url of your Instagram lists into the mobile browser and save that page to your home screen on your device.


Why you should use Instagram Lists


Now that we have our Instagram lists set up, we can monitor our peers and use the list to stay in contact with them. Use the list to help build relationships with peers and influencers within your niche. Like and comment on their photos, add value to their audience with insight into a topic that has developed in the comments on a post. This will show not only the owner of the account that you are active, but also their followers. It will also showcase your knowledge on the topic and could lead to new followers.


For market research purposes it is also a great way to see what types of content other people in your space are pushing out. Also from your point of view it can give you ideas for hashtags that you may want to start including in your posts. It may also spark some content ideas for you to pursue in the future.


So go ahead and test out Instagram list, let us know what you think about it and how it is working for you!


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