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How to increase engagement by 23% while doing less

How to increase engagement by 23% while doing less

There always seems to be more to do when it comes to running your business and everyone is saying, you need to more of this or that.


It can be exhausting and hard to keep on top of. Social Media is very much like that, there is always more that you can be doing.


More time posting, engaging and promoting, but what if you could get more by doing less? Well, we have one way that you can increase your Facebook engagement by 23% and it’s by actually combining tasks.


When looking at Social Media stats there are any amount of numbers that you can find that will show you how you are preforming, but one the best ones to monitor is engagement.


After all just because your posting 50 updates to your Facebook a day doesn’t necessarily mean that you are winning. What you really need to look at is how many of your followers engaged with your post.


I suppose to define this, you really need to understand what we mean by the term “Engaged”. Engagement is defined as the amount of shares, likes and comments a post gets.


These are really the key figures you need to focus on. Facebook is great at telling you the “reach” of your post, but the reality of the matter is, even if the amount of people who see your posts goes up week on week if the amount of people engaging with it does not rise, you need to reevaluate.


A recent study by BuzzSumo has found that by posting images to your Facebook Page, directly from Instagram has proven to have a positive effect on engagement.


The good people over at BuzzSumo analysed over 1 billion Facebook posts from 3 million brand pages found that images posted to Facebook via Instagram had 23% more engagement that those posted directly to Facebook.


how to get more engagement by doing less
What this really means that when you are posting to your Instagram account all you have to do is select “Facebook” from the options before you hit publish and you are taking care of two platforms at once.


So given the findings on engagement, instead of posting the same image separately to two platforms, you are streamlining your process and saving time.


There you have it a quick little tip that can increase your engagement on Facebook by up to 23%. Let us know, have you tried this? Has it had an effect on your engagement?



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