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Episode 019: The “Di Vinci Murphy” method for writing blog posts with Brandon Lewin

Brandon Lewin body promo picToday we have Brandon Lewin on the show from BrandonmLewin.comBrandon is as he puts it is an “Unconventional” digital marketing consultant, a natural entrepreneur who is living purposefully. Helping entrepreneurs and owners one resource at a time. Oh and he brings more cowbell to the world!

Brandon has stated a number of business over the years and that has thought him many tough lessons, that have not only made him better, but wiser and thankfully he has agreed to share that wisdom with us today!



    • Brandon’s “Di Vinci Murphy” method for writing blog posts


    • How Brandon upgrades his content.


    • Brandon’s reasons for keeping it long


    • A Ninja tip for back linking and so much more….



“I’ve got a strong jaw, if I get nocked down I come right back up”


“Only 6% of bloggers create a post that is longer than 3,500 words”


“It’s always about bringing value to your audience”


“If you are building a business you need to get people to opt in”


“It’s one thing to create the post, its another thing to get eye balls on there”




Brandon’s Website –


Brandon has also been kind enough to give all you lovely listeners a free gift – Claim your free gift here


Brandon’s Product – ResourceFull


Neil Patel – Content Upgrades Article 


Brian Dean – Backlinko


Brian Harris  – Video Fruit


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Special thanks to Brandon for taking the time to share his tips, strategies and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop him a tweet with your thoughts on today’s episode, @BrandonLewin

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