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Episode 027: How to be instantly seen as a “Thought Leader” with Rosella LaFevre

rosella lafevreToday we have Rosella LaFevre on the show, Rosella  is a marketing consultant. Through her signature 6-month VisiBiz VIP program, she helps female entrepreneurs share the value of their work and serve even more clients by getting them clarity on their marketing, sales and pricing strategies and holding them accountable to building the life and business of their dreams.


Rosella also helps clients become known as “Thought Leaders” in their markets, she does this by helping them to get published on big name sites and magazines like the Huffington Post, and many more. Rosella is herself a contributor to many of these publications and has plenty of practical advice for us on today’s show.





  • What is thought leadership?


  • How and why you want to get published in these publications


  • How to come up with the right content


  • How to get the editor to pay attention to you


  • The follow up sequence that Rosella teaches her clients





“Throw in a one sentence paragraph if it is something you really want to get across” 


“If you have got their attention you don’t want to lose it, so have a draft ready”


“If you can break your topic down into the what, the why or the how, it’s a good way to focus”


“An editor is going to think like reader, would the reader click on this?”


“Starting with a really strong headline is a great way to capture their attention”





Rosella’s Website –


Rosella’s Guide to finding editors – Get her free ebook




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Special thanks to Rosella for taking the time to share her journey, experience and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop her a tweet with your thoughts on today’s episode, @RosellaLaFevre



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