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To make your life easier, we have assembled the best of our tools and resources within categories to help you get the information you need.

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bktodoistOur Productivity Resources

Episode 023: Getting more done with Becky Kane from Todoist

Episode 012:  The Ascension Model of Content Marketing with Mark Lack

Episode 010: Understanding Content Creation Months In Advance with Lane Kennedy

Episode 005: How to maintain a freedom lifestyle while still creating killer content with Erica Duran


Recommended Productivity Tools

Content Academy Free Editorial Calendar Template

The Todoist App - Todoist App

Microsoft OneNote - My Personal Favorite, This Organises Not Only my Content, But my Life!!

Evernote - The Basic Version is Free & Great for Getting Organised

Google Keep - Save your thoughts, wherever you are Tool to help you write large projects like books or novels - Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work.

Trello - Manage Large Projects or Goals

Slack - a messaging app for teams

Google Docs - Online cloud document storage

Brandon Lewin's Product - ResourceFull


Social Media

3 simple strategies to gain Social Media followers

Make powerful social media images in minutes

How to make sure that your most popular content is seen by new followers


Recommended Social Media Tools

Meet Edgar Learn to Automate Your Social Sharing

Blab New Social "Rich Interview" Service

Anchor "Radio by the People" Very interesting new social media platform - Anchor.FM


Follow Content_Academy on Snapchat

Follow Content_Academy on Snapchat


How to Organically Grow Your Snapchat Following

How to Get More Followers on Snapchat

How to create a custom Ghostcode for Snapchat

How to Repurpose content for Snapchat



Alternatives to Katch: How to save Periscopes

How to get 1000's of Periscope Followers with One Blog Post

3 easy ways to get your Periscopes on YouTube

10 Periscope tips proven to get you more love


Recommended Tools & Equipment for Periscope

Katch - Software used to record your periscope sessions This platform will closed in May 2016, you should check out Alternatives to Katch: How to save Periscopes Stand’s available from Amazon for £10

Macro Lens on Amazon from £4



The Personal Touch with Instagram Video

How to Automate Instagram with CrowdFire

Instagram Video: Why it's a Marketing must

How to use Instagram lists to connect with market Influencers

How to effectively use hashtags on Instagram

What makes a good Instagram Bio?



Hashtags on Facebook can increase engagement by 60%

Getting to Grips with Facebook Instant Articles

How to increase engagement by 23% while doing less

Marketing Advantages to using Facebook Live over Periscope

Quick Tip to Boost Facebook Likes by 20%



How to define and conquer with Twitter

Increase your social reach with Tweet Chat

3 Great ways To Use IFTTT to Automate Twitter

How to use Twitter's Advanced Search to better your social game

How to make people pay with a tweet for you to go viral

Twitter doesn't need to be like pulling teeth, Enter Twitter Automation



Episode 019: The “Di Vinci Murphy” method for writing blog posts with Brandon Lewin

Top 5 Writing Habits to Develop Your Skills

7 Step Blogging Checklist for Beginners #LaunchTime!

5 Powerful Tips to Help You Actually Write Everyday

The Budget You Need to Start a Successful Blog

3 Killer Tips to Promote Your Blog on YouTube

How to Structure an Article: 5 Killer Tips

5 Tips for Great Headlines that boost SEO & Social Shares

What is your current Content Strategy?

Your Content - You vrs Your Audience

5 Hacks To Defeat Writers Block

Part One: 20 Tips to Create Great Content for your Online Business

Part Two: 20 Tips to Create Great Content for Your Blog

Part Three: 20 Tips to Create Great Content for Your Blog

Part Four: 20 Tips to Create Great Content for your Online Business

Episode 016: How to make a splash with your words and images with Jaime Slutzky

Episode 011: The art of story telling with playwright David Gilna


Recommended Tools to Help Your Blogging Distraction Free Writing for Mac, iOS & Android

Feedly - A single place for all the news and knowledge you rely

Dragon Naturally Speaking - Dictation software Andrea Stenberg used to increase her blogging speed by 50%. Although an iPhone or iPad is just as good these days. - Grammarly is a writing tool that will automatically proof read your content for grammatical errors.

Imagery Creation -

Stock Photo's -

Tool for writing every day -


Sources for Research and Inspiration

Google News - It's a Free Tool that many ignore

Google Alerts - Another Great Free Tool from Google, Set It Up Now!

LinkedIn Pulse - Free Source of Opinion & Discussion by Industry Professionals of All Levels



Growing Your Email List

Episode 017: How to Grow Your Email List 10x with Live Streaming

Episode 003: How to Automate Your Online Content & Build a VIP Email List with Mark Asquith


Recommended List Building Tools

Opt In Monster -

Convert Kit -


Building Products & Making Sales

Episode 001: How to Create Profitable Online Content with Kimra Luna

Episode 002: Gene Hammett Explains why you should Learn not to listen to your inner critic

Episode 007: Making Membership Site Content With Mike Morrison

Episode 009: Corey Poirier's Content Creation Hacks

Episode 022: Why "Framing" your content is so important with Mike Broadwell

Episode 020: Mapping out content & sales funnels with Caressa Thompson

Episode 018: Learn to take an Offline Business Online and Flourish with Affiliate Sales with Kristen Luppenlatz

Episode 006: How to Get New Clients on Social Media with Andrea Stenberg

Episode 004: How to get the most out of your content with Sam Nordberg


Recommended Tools

E-Product Download/Cart -

E-Product Download Delivery -

Derek Halperns Zippy Courses - Zippy Courses 

AffiliateWP - AffiliateWP 

DPD - Digital Product Delivery

Course Creation Software - Thinkific


Get More Traffic

How to Write a Blog that Actually Reaches 1 Million Hits

3 Social Bookmarking Sites that will get your More Traffic

Quick Tips to Improve SEO for Blogs

How to Get People to Read your Blog: 6 Steps for 100,000 Hits

13 Proven Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Episode 008: Marketing Automation and S.E.O With Jeff Beale


Tools to help Get More Traffic

Keyword Research - BuzzSumo

Google AdWords Keywords Planner - Get Free Insights for Content Creation



The Technology

Episode 015: Keeping your site safe and fabulous with Julie Stoian

WordPress Back Up & Security -

WordPress Back Up & Security -

Thesis Theme for WordPress -

Genesis Theme for WordPress -

WordPress Headway Theme


Getting Ready for Video

Episode 014: The Power of the Voice with Tracey Goodwin

Episode 013: Why Video is so important to your Content Marketing With Mimika Cooney


Recommended Books

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod