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Blogging, seo & social media WORKSHOP

Make Your Blog Work Harder Than You

February 25th, 2017

The Fitzwilliam Dublin Hotel, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2

9:00 am                   Networking & Registration 

9:30 am                   Introduction

10:00 am                Part 1: Blogging & SEO

  • Articles & SEO
  • Optimise Blog Layout
  • Crafting Great Headlines
  • Mastering Introductions & Hooks
  • How to Create Beautiful Images
  • Call to Actions
  • The Art of Conclusions
  • SEO Process for Blogging

2:00 pm                     Part 2: Social Media Promotion

  • Blog Promotion Strategy
  • Images & Message
  • Automation
  • Real Interaction

4:15 pm                      Part 3: Q&A

  • Your Blogging, SEO & Implementation Strategy


As Irish Bloggers, most of us are part-time, struggling and want to use social media platforms like Instagram more effectively.

Getting SEO & Social Media working effectively with your blog will help you realise your blog goals.

Paul Caffrey & Philip McGrath built their fantasy football website up to get over 500,000 hits per month and worked with brands such as RTE & The Irish Times bringing in €3,500 per month in Blogging revenue.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

You lie in bed at night and dream about ...

talking about things you love

Growing your audience talking about the topics you love.

Invites to cool events 2

Getting invited to some pretty cool events and launches.


Earning some extra money or even going full-time with your blog.


struggling with time

3 Fake Facts that are Holding Bloggers Back...

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fake fact 2
fake fact 3

How do we know all this?

hi we're paul and phil

Once we started to get it right with our first blog we put a process in place to make sure we kept momentum.

When we looked at it, we were able to identify 10 key areas that helped us break out and begin to work with brands and of course get paid.


It's those "10 key areas" that we want to show you at the workshop.


We've laid them out below for you to have a look at. I'm sure you'll agree there's nothing groundbreaking here, yet like a jigsaw when you put the pieces together you begin to see the big picture.


Well, this is our "Blogging Jigsaw" and we want to show YOU how to out it together on YOUR blog. 


Some of the topics covered on the day include...


Learn the main components of great content and what's required to make it.


How to find great content ideas for your blog so you never have to wonder what to write


Learn how to tweak headlines and increase click through rates by up to 30%


Learn the five “hooks” that grab the readers attention and engross them in your content


We look at finding the best royalty free images & how to create 10 images in one go


Looks are everything when it comes to blogging, so make you content look good.


How to make the most of your call to action and how you can stand out from the crowd 


How to incorporate S.E.O into your blogging routine so that every article is optimised 


Learn how to "gift wrap" your content so that it has the right impact on your audience


Learn how to effectively promote your blog and content using our proven strategies and tactics


Content Academy One Day Blogging Workshop  takes place on Saturday 25th February 2017 in Dublin, Ireland at The 5 Star Fitzwilliam Hotel, St. Stephen’s Green (Dublin 2)