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How to use Twitter’s Advanced Search to better your social game

Over the last three days I’ve been sharing some tips for using Twitter more affectively for your business and blog and I’m going to continue with Twitter again today.

While Twitter can be a great way to promote your content, it can also be used as a great tool to not only find content ideas, but to also build relationships with other people not only within your niche, but with your audience too

One of the many overlook features of Twitter is their searching capabilities. Being able to search Twitter for real-time conversations going on right at that moment will definitely give you an understanding of where the real problems pains and frustrations are for prospective customers. However let us not forget, for all the talk of Twitter going down the pan, there are still over 500 million tweets a day sent out. In fact at the time I am writing this I did a little check and there were over 7,000 tweets a second being sent out!

So really what we want to do is head over to Twitter’s Advanced Search. Once we get over there will be greeted with the advanced search screen.

As you can see there are plenty of filters we can attach to our search, but what I’m going to do is show you some of the more useful ones that you can use to not only find people within your niche that you may wish to strike up a relationship with space (not that type of relationship), but also find what people are talking about when it comes to topics in your niche.

Twitter Advanced search

Now as I said there is so much that can actually be done with this advanced search that you could spend hours playing around with it, but I am just going to show you some of the ones I love and use to great effect.

Find the Questions you should be answering


This little search will not only help you come up with some great content ideas, but it will give you the specific problems that your audience are facing and the types of questions they are asking around your chosen niche.


If we fill in the words we are looking to include in our search, like Blogging, S.E.O or Social Media for example, we can then go all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see these options.


Advanced twitter search questions

As you can see I have ticked the Questions box, this way any tweets with questions in them will only show up. Essentially any tweet that contains our “keyword(s)” and a “?” will show up. Once we have ticked the box just hit search.


To show you how this works really well I have put the words “How do I blogging” into my keywords range at the top, I have selected “English” as the language and I have ticked the Questions box and hit search. My hope is that I will find tweets with people asking “How do I?” when it comes to blogging. So potential I could end up with a tweet that says, “How do I become a better blogger?” or something to that effect.


Search results for "How Do I blogging?"

Here are just some of the results from my search. As you can see there are a couple of questions here,  especially the top one that I could answer. I can now reach out to this person and interact with them and perhaps redirect them to a blog post I have written that addresses their question. Alternatively if we notice the same question around blogging coming up time and time again, it may be a good indicator that this is what my audience needs/wants to know about and I should create some content to tailor to their needs.


Spend some time playing around with this and I guarantee you will not only understand the struggles of your audience better, but if/when you have content that potentially addresses these issues you can reach out and tell them about it, thus boosting your promotion strategy.

Find the Most “Popular” Tweets


Thanks to this tool we have the ability to not only search for tweets containing “Keywords”, but thanks to a little sneaky trick I picked up some time back you can actually set parameters for how you define popular.


Let me explain……..


So I want to search for the most popular tweets containing the word “Content Marketing”, now I can simply search using the advanced tool and twitter will show me what “they” perceive to be the top tweets, but my definition of “popular” could vary somewhat from that of Twitter’s, so here is what I do.


My parameters for “popular” are very simple, I only want to see tweets that have been retweeted more that 30 times or which have been liked more than 20 times, so here is how I find tweets that meet that criteria. If you go up to the search bar at the top of your twitter page, where you would normally search, you can  tell twitter exactly what you want.


Here is what I would search “Keyword or website” min_retweets:30 OR min_faves:20″ and this will bring back all the results that meet that criteria. Let’s just say for example, I was looking for the most popular tweets with the hashtag “#blogging” all I have to do is type in “#blogging min_retweets:30 OR min_faves:20” and away I go.


Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.04.38


As you can see the top result for my search is this one above, it has been retweeted 68 times and liked over 113 times, so that is most certainly a popular tweet about #blogging. This is a great way to see what is really resonating with your audience when it comes to certain keywords and of course it could help you when it comes to planning out your future content.



Find people to connect with

One of the major problems as far as I see it with online business owners and bloggers is that they see anyone in their niche as “the competition”. This is not the case, anyone in your niche should be viewed as a colleague and someone who you should reach out to. The advantages to building relationships with people in your niche have been stated plenty of times before not only by us over on the Podcastbut by many other bloggers and business owners, so I won’t harp on about it.


With that said, Twitters advanced tool is a great way to find people in your niche that you may want to reach out to and start building some kind of a relationship with and even if that doesn’t appeal to you, there is no harm in checking out what they are up.


searching for people using keywords or hashtags


As you can see I have decided to search using hashtags instead of keywords. I am looking for people who have used these hashtags in their account bio’s. Now once we get our results back we will need to do is filter them.


filter by people


To do this all we have to do is go to the “More options” tab in our search results and select “Accounts” from the drop down menu and this will then show us the accounts we want to see rather than just tweets. From here we can either begin to follow them or we can go in and take at look at their tweets and go from there. It is a really simple, yet effective way of seeing who is active within your niche and great for finding people to reach out to.


There you have three easy ways to use Twitter’s Advanced Search Tool that will not only help you find content, but also help you find perspective customers and allies within your chosen niche.

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